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This site is designed to provide healthcare information to both patients and health care providers alike for the treatment of disease symptoms caused by heavy metal poisons and toxins.

Sometimes traditional medicine falls short in heavy metal poisoning identification, leaving patients in a medical void simply because most health practitioners are not trained in this capacity, and routine laboratory tests by-pass this major healthcare problem.  

Our mission is to educate and assist others by identifying heavy metal toxicity or other toxins, provide treatment information such as chelation techniques and/or alternative treatments, and to eliminate or improve disease state symptoms and overall quality of life.

"Clearly, your analysis and application to heavy metal toxicity is on target and practical...educating parents and adult victims with rational resources...with escape from heavy metal overload via chelation." 

 Jonathan Buth
Colonel, Biomedical Sciences Corps, USAF (Ret)
Director, Dept of Pharmacy
Malcolm Grow Medical Center, Andrews AFB, MD,
Associate Chief, Biomedical Sciences Corps for Pharmacy,
Chief Pharmacy Consultant to Air Force Surgeon General


Information About & Diagnosis For
Heavy Metal Poisoning & Treatment​​​​

-How do I know if I have heavy metal poisoning?  
See your doctor, especially an ACAM practitioner.  

- Where do I go for help?
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     -How is heavy metal poisoning treated?
Link to this article: Heavy Metal Poisoning, Identification, and Oral Treatment Considerations for Adults, Designed for Practitioners and Patients Seeking Alternative Medical Care.-Part 1 (​Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved)


Chronic Long Term Heavy Metal Poisoning Information
(Short Version)
Patient understanding regarding suspected heavy metal poisoning include: stealth activity; blocking of normal excretion patterns by the metals causing illness and disease states; and conventional laboratory tests do not identify the major problem.
Chronic long term heavy metal poisoning acts in a very stealth way. Twenty three heavy metals exist in nature without our ability to see, feel, or be aware of their poisonous capability. Arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, and nickel are some examples of heavy metals.
Heavy metals exert their poisonous effects by blocking normal body protection mechanisms. Some people excrete toxic metals quickly while others do so slowly. Over time, especially as we age, the liver’s detoxifying capability to defend against the metals may be hampered. Likewise, the kidneys fail to excrete them properly because of heavy metal build up in the organs. But if two specific amino acids (building blocks of proteins and muscle formation) are overwhelmed over time, the poisons begin to tear down our immune systems and organ function.  Conventional laboratory tests by pass this identifying problem, and most physician practitioners/dentists are not trained in this poisonous aspect (40 only in California out of 260,000 physicians), and the disease states that develop eventually overwhelm the body, causing chronic sickness and possible death over time. This includes heart disease, some diabetes, Parkinsonism, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, cancer, depression, emotional and mental problems, and many other disease states as identified by many scientific investigators. Please see our Blog page for additional information.
Specifically, the heavy metals can replace/block the sensitive sulfur molecule located in the cysteine and methionine amino acids which form proteins (plus antioxidants such as glutathione) and become hampered or non functional within our bodies. Usually these sensitive areas on the amino acids will carry our body’s needed metals with small quantities of copper and zinc, both necessary in enzymatic and multiple body functioning. Without them, our bodies do not perform well. The offensive heavy metals block/replace the sulfur molecule, while not allowing zinc and copper their rightful place on the amino acids. These now poisonous molecules remain firmly attached and not excreted for the most part. They are hidden from conventional medical tests because they are firmly attached to muscle and nerve tissue and mostly excluded from the blood supply. At this point, the Complete Blood Count (CBC) and other tests fail to identify chronic long term heavy metal poisoning.
Laboratory tests to properly identify chronic long term heavy metal poisoning include a provoked urine test using oral DMSA or DMPS capsules, or a “Hair Elements Profile” test. The former prescribed by ACAM physicians (American College for the Advancement of Medicine) or IAOMT practitioners (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), both organizations found on the net with practitioners identified in your area, and the latter hair test found by contacting Direct Laboratories (without a prescription) in Louisiana, also found on the net. For additional information, please see -Heavy Metal Poisoning, Identification, and Oral Treatment Considerations for Adults, Part 1-.